Iyengar Yoga Classes

Iyengar Yoga Instruction


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What is joyfulmoves?

Joyfulmoves : Iyengar Yoga in the Comox Valley 

  • Yoga classes for beginners at any age who wish to learn how to do yoga.
  • Yoga classes for those wishing to restore their practice of yoga.
  • Learn to practice yoga postures by activating the inner body.
  • Learn to breathe in a manner that supports health.
  • Learn to align the body in yoga practice in order to move easily and happily.

Iyengar Yoga the yoga developed by Sri B.K.S. Iyengar, is based upon the ancient science described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.  Yoga means to join or unite. Patanjali described Yoga as the means to make our mind still, quiet and free from all distractions. Diligent and watchful yoga practice will enable your body to respond in an incredible way.

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