What is Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga is merely yoga.  It is called Iyengar because it has been named after the renowned Yoga Teacher and Guru, BKS Iyengar.  His teacher Krishnamachara, his brother in law, also taught Pattabhi Jois,  Indira Devi and his son TKV Desikachar.  Each of these students took yoga around the world. Presently, we distinguish yoga because of the name or type, but all yoga is yoga.  Yoga means to unite.

Iyengar’s Yoga emphasizes precise alignment in each posture.  BKS Iyengar made yoga accessible to all bodies through the use of props including straps, blocks, blankets and chairs.  These props prevent injuries and enable persons with corporeal disorders to practice this yoga style, too.  As a young teacher, BKS Iyengar was approached by Yehudi Menuhin, a world famous violinist, who asked BKS to teach him Yoga.  Through that friendship, BKS became familiar to many around the world.

Postures (asana) are often held for seconds or minutes and are sequenced according to their benefits.  Yoga in the Iyengar method develops strength and flexibility.  As the student practices, concentration and focus are developed, eventually leading to relaxation in the postures.

Teachers must follow a rigorous training over several years, learning to adjust poses to the needs of the student.  As you study and practice as an Iyengar Yoga student, you will develop confidence as  you develop your skills and focus. You will also experience the many health benefits of a regular practice.


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